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Critical Injury in Collegeville Car Accident

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A 70-year-old Collegeville man is in critical condition after being accidentally struck by his wife’s van. The man fell back off of the sidewalk as his wife was letting him out of the car near a restaurant. When his wife jumped out the car to help him, the vehicle was still in gear. It rolled forward and he was pinned under the van. Police and firemen responded to the scene and rescued the man from under the vehicle, using jacks and airbags. He was initally taken by ambulance to a landing zone at the Collegeville Community Park. He was then flown to Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia and admitted in critical condition. According to police, no charges will be filed. Being in a car accident is very traumatic, and that trauma is intensified when someone is injured in the accident. Visit the InjuryBoard car accident help center for information about medical issues related to automobile accidents.