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Sheller, P.C.

Sheller Receives Clarence Darrow Award

The Clarence Darrow Award was presented to Stephen A. Sheller, P.C. at “An Evening with Thurgood Marshall,” a benefit for the Temple University Beasley School of Law’s Sheller Center for Social Justice, in Philadelphia, on March 3. The award is […]

Sheller, P.C.

Stephen Sheller’s New Book Pharmageddon: A Nation Betrayed Coming in May

“Lawyering in Times of Saints and Evildoers,” is a true account of Stephen A. Sheller’s law career which spans 50 years. In this book, currently available on Amazon, Sheller shows how he became a highly regarded advocate of everyday people, […]

Sheller, P.C.

Protecting Consumers From Telemarketers

There is nothing worse than being harassed by telemarketers. To that end it is important to know, under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), what your remedies are available against telemarketers. The TCPA was initially passed into Congress in 1991. […]

Sheller, P.C.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

In the simplest of terms, a “class action lawsuit” refers to a group (a class) that sues another party. Consumer class action suits are among the most effective tools available to consumers to protect their power over the marketplace. When […]

Sheller, P.C.

Sheller, P.C. First in Pennsylvania for Verdicts and Settlements 2014

The largest verdict and settlement award in Pennsylvania from the period of August 2013 to August 2014 was handled by Sheller, P.C. with a $2.2 billion settlement with Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceutical, its subsidiary, according to The Legal […]

Jamie Sheller

CONSUMER ALERT: Target Credit Card Breach Hits 40 Million Shoppers

If you shop at Target, pay close attention to your credit and debit card bills in the coming months. The mega department store that is a favorite for general items and electronics for holiday shoppers is investigating a massive data […]

Jamie Sheller

DePuy ASR Hip Implant Failure Rates Continue to Rise

Reports indicate that problems associated with the DePuy ASR metal-on-metal hip implants are on the rise.

According to recent report, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) received more…

Jamie Sheller

Sutter Health Data Breach Affects 4M Patients

Sheller, P.C. is investigating a data breach of Sutter Health, which has left the private information of more than 4 million patients in the Sutter Health network of providers vulnerable to…

Jamie Sheller

4.9 million Tricare patients affected by data breach

One of the Pentagon’s largest contractors has acknowledged it discovered a data breach affecting as many as 4.9 million patients who have received care from military facilities in San Antonio…

Jamie Sheller

A Shot of "Hot Coffee": Justice is Served

Stella Liebeck was ridiculed, characatured, lambasted and put down as the poster child for frivolous lawsuits when she sued McDonald’s for a cup of hot coffee that spilled in her lap. Cruel radio…