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Jamie Sheller

Consumer Protection: Government Data Breach

Sheller, P.C. is investigating a data breach by the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) affecting more than 36,000 individuals.

According to a March 31, 2011 report from the…

Jamie Sheller

Personal Information for 77 Million Sony PlayStation Customers Exposed

Security analysts believe that hackers discovered a flaw in the Sony PlayStation video game network that allowed them to steal personal data of its 77 million customers, according to news reports.

Jamie Sheller

Health Net Did it Again: Insurer “Loses” Sensitive Private Information for 2M Customers

Health Net, a California-based insurance company that covers 6 million people nationwide, announced that it is missing data servers containing private health records, financial information,…

Jamie Sheller

Smokeless Tobacco

U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. will pay $5 million to the family of a Bobby Hill, who died at 42 from tongue cancer caused by nearly 30 years of chewing tobacco. U.S. Smokeless Tobacco is owned by…

Jamie Sheller

Synthes and Norian Plead Guilty to Crimes resulting from Unauthorized Bone Cement Testing

Synthes, Inc., based in West Chester, PA, pleaded guilty last week to dozens of crimes for performing unauthorized bone cement tests on 200 spinal surgery patients. Synthes subsidiary, Norian Corp.,…

Jamie Sheller

Consumer Alert: MTD Snow Throwers

Please keep in mind as the winter weather approaches, inflating tires on a recalled MTD Snow Thrower can lead to serious injuries, because the tires often will explode with enormous force.
The MTD…

Jamie Sheller

Consumer Alert: Hip Replacement Patients

The following hip devices are either defective or have been recalled:

DePuy Orthopaedics:ASR XL Replacement System, ASR Hip Resurfacing System
Zimmer, Inc.: Duron Hip Cup


Jamie Sheller

BMW & Rolls-Royce Recall

On Thursday, BMW of North America announced that 198,000 BMW and Rolls-Royce vehicles will be recalled due to leaks that could develop in the power brake system. BMW said that the vehicles can still…

Jamie Sheller

Outdated DOHSA Doesn’t Help High Seas Employees

Employees who work on ocean going vessels such as cruise ships, sailing vessels, and oil rigs are not as protected when injured or death occurs as a result of employer negligence. Yes, according to…

Jamie Sheller

Human Error Cited as Cause of Rig Explosion

The September 5, 2010, edition of the Times-Picayune described five errors that lead to the explosion of the Deep Water Horizon oil rig that killed 11 men. David Hammer cites the following human…