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Jamie Sheller

Ovarian Cancer and Talcum Powder Update

More than one thousand lawsuits have been filed by women who have suffered ovarian cancer as a result of using talcum powder on their genital area. Talc is a mineral found in personal care products, often in the form of […]

Jamie Sheller

Ikea Dresser recall

Ikea North America Services LLC and the U.S. Consumer Protection Safety Commission together released information detailing the massive recall, saying the retail chain has agreed to give consumers a wall anchoring kit in order to repair the dressers and drawer […]

Sheller, P.C.

Xarelto Lawsuit In Florida Alleges Blood Thinner Led To Wrongful Death

According to Sheller P.C. wrongful death lawsuit has been filed in Florida against the manufacturers and distributors of the popular blood thinner Xarelto. Among other claims, the lawsuit alleges that the manufacturers and distributors of Xarelto failed to warn the […]

Jamie Sheller

Gynocological Cancer After Laparoscopic Power Morcellator Procedure for Uterine Fibriods

If You or someone you know has been diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma cancer (cancerous uterine fibroids), a gynecologic cancer or occult malignancy (a cancer from an unknown source) following a gynecological surgery such as a hysterectomy or myomectomy that used a […]