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Botulism Scare Leads to Expanded Recall of Canned Meats

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Recently, hot dog chili sauce made by Castleberry Food Co. was linked to cases of botulism, and the chili sauce was recalled. Now, the recall has been expanded to other canned meat products made by Castleberry Food Co. More than 80 types of hash, stew, chili and other canned meat products are now involved in the recall, due to the risk of botulism. Botulism can be a potentially fatal illness. Four Natural Balance pet food products, co-packed by Castleberry Foods for Natural Balance, have also been recalled. Castleberry Food Co. insists that the recall is simply a precaution, since it believes that the reported botulism cases were isolated to a situation of underprocessing in one part of the food processing system.

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