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MTD Snow Blower Tires Explosion Risks

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As the mercury dips, and you consider servicing your snow blowers in anticipation of winter storms, consider the threat that may be lurking in your garage: Defective snow blower tire rims could explode like a bomb.

In 2006, MTD Products Inc. recalled a series of 130,000 snow blowers with defective wheel-rims made from a dangerous plastic composite that easily exploded and fragmented. Years after the recall, consumers are still suffering severe injuries.

We have handled and settled dozens of cases for people suffering from exploding tire injuries, and at times like now, in the early winter months, the blizzard of calls from injured consumers begin coming in. It has has happened this way for years.

MTD, a manufacturer of lawn machines, by and the Consumer Products Safety Commission recalled the machines due to hundreds of injuries inflicted on consumers when they filled the defective tires on these snow blowers, and the tires exploded with extreme force – sending plastic shrapnel flying with extreme force and causing severe fractures, lacerations and facial injuries.

This tire rim exploded after inflation. The plastic shrapnel fired off at a high rate of speed and fractured the thumb of a man so severely that it required surgery and pinning to repair.

The snow blowers were sold at Home Depot and Sears (under the Craftsman logo) and many other local hardware stores. Despite the recall six years ago, many recalled machines with the defective tires remain in use, posing a threat to unknowing consumers.

Each year since the reacall, Sheller, P.C. has been contacted by numerous people who have suffered from broken bones, lacerations, among other injuries.

If you have an MTD snow blower, please contact Sheller, P.C. in determining whether it is among the recalled machines and do not attempt to fill the tires. Sheller, P.C. continues to investigate and monitor the recall status.

If you did fill the tires and it exploded causing an injury we, can assist you in getting compensation for your injuries. We have resolved dozens of cases for injured consumers. Please contact Sheller, P.C. at 1-800-883-2299.