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MTD Snow Thrower Public Service Announcement

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Owners of snow throwers, please read this information. This is a public service announcement re-posting information about defective MTD snow throwers sold under the Troy-Bilt, Yard Machines and Craftsman brands. Despite the fact that these defective snow throwers were recalled, people are still being injured by them. If you have one of these snow throwers, don’t try to inflate the tires. The tires are defective and dangerous and should not be inflated. Attempting to inflate these tires could result in the tire exploding and causing injury. Read the information below, determine whether your snow thrower is included in the recall and take appropriate action.

Despite the fact that the CSPC and MTD announced the recall of over 130,000 snow throwers back in 2006, we are seeing that many of the recalled snow blowers are still being used.

Consumers who have not received notice of the recall or who have not returned their snow throwers are using them this winter season, and some are being injured when trying to inflate tires, which causes the plastic wheel rims to burst.

recalled snow blowerAs of the original recall date of October 5th 2006, the CSPC had received reports of 16 injuries, but that number is climbing higher as consumers continue to use the snow throwers/blowers unaware of the dangers they pose.

The defective snow throwers were sold under the Troy-Bilt, Yard Machines and Craftsman brands. Consumers can find the model numbers on the rear frame to find out if they are using one of the recalled machines.

Brand Model Snow Thrower
Troy-Bilt 31AS3BB2766 5.5 HP 24-inch Two Stage
Yard Machines 31A-3AAD700 5 HP 22-inch Two Stage
31A-3BAD700 5.5 HP 22-inch Two Stage
31A-3BAD729 5.5 HP 22-inch Two Stage
31A-3BAD752 5.5 HP 22-inch Two Stage
31A-3BAD762 5.5 HP 22-inch Two Stage
31AS3DDE729 7 HP 24-inch Two Stage
Craftsman 247.88255 5.5 HP 24-inch Two Stage
247.88700 5 HP 22-inch Two Stage

If you purchased a Troy-Bilt, Yard Machines or Craftsman snow blower / snow thrower between July 2004 and July 2006, it is important to check the model number to ensure it is not a machine that has been recalled. An exploding tire poses the threat of severe injury including, but not limited to lacerations and fractures.

Remedy: Consumers should contact MTD for a free service kit with pressure relief valves, labels and instructions. Consumers with Craftsman brand snow throwers will be mailed a service kit directly by Sears.

If you have been injured by a snow thrower tire, contact Sheller, P.C. Our lawyers have extensive experience successfully representing people who have been injured by dangerous products. We have helped many injured people obtain the compensation that they deserve from the manufacturers of defective and dangerous products.