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MTD Snow Throwers and Exploding Tires

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As winter gets into full swing, bringing snowy weather, many people start to use their snow removal equipment. For some, that means an MTD snow thrower. MTD snow throwers have been the subject of a recall since 2006 due to the risk of their tires exploding. The recalled equipment is a two-stage compact snow thrower. It has two wheels and may be colored red, green, gray or black. Troy-Bilt, Yard Machines or Craftsman is printed on the snow thrower casing. The affected models were sold between July 2004 and March 2006. Though the company's notice offers a repair kit for the recalled snow throwers, we believe that the tires are dangerous and should be replaced. We don't believe that consumers should try to repair the tires on the recalled MTD snow throwers. There have been a number of injuries linked to exploding tires on the recalled MTD snow throwers. Please do not try to inflate these tires, even with the safety valve. Contact Sheller P.C. if you need further information or if you have been injured by an MTD snow thrower.

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  1. MTD mechanic says:
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    I had a case where this happened to a customer about two years ago. I did not know about the MTD recall then, and the customer simply had me replace the tire. Fortunately the customer was not injured but it did give them a really good scare.