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Simplicity Bassinet Recall Re-announced

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In August 2008, a recall of Simplicity 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 bassinets was announced. However, not all of the recalled bassinets were returned and the information didn’t reach enough people, because the bassinets continued to be used. Recently, two more infants died because because of the Simplicity bassinets, and the recall has been re-announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The Simplicity bassinets have metal bars that are spaced farther apart than allowed by federal standards. The bars are covered by velcro-attached fabric, but if the fabric is not attached properly, infants can become trapped in a pocket of fabric. There is also the danger of babies being trapped between bars. Children have died from being trapped between bars, as well as being trapped in the fabric pocket. Consumers should not use the recalle bassinets due to these dangers.