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Diprivan May Get Tighter DEA Restrictions

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According to the DEA, for the past two years, it has been looking into the possiblity of tighter restrictions for Diprivan. The DEA says that it was petitioned about such restrictions due to concerns about the potential for abuse of the drug. Diprivan, which has the generic name of propofol, is a powerful drug recently in the news because it was reportedly found at the home of Michael Jackson after the singer’s death. Diprivan is a powerful anesthetic and sedative that is used in operating rooms and administered intravenously. Experts say that it should not be used outside of a controlled medical setting by a trained anesthesiologist. Tightened restrictions on the distribution and use of Diprivan could come as a result of it being designated as a "scheduled" drug. Making such a change is lengthy process that involves several agencies. Meanwhile, Teva Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Diprivan, has recalled two lots of a generic version after those lots tested positive for a contaminant.

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  1. Kaven Trish Keith says:
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    lots of people that I know are affected by the propofol 2 years ago. It caused them to have Hypotension, tachychardia then bradychardia, respiratory distress, some patients couldn’t properly breath and died of cardio respiratory arrest.They had fever, chills, and etc.Basically, this is a drug that put patients in coma-brain dead and some patients never woke up from its severe adverse reactions.
    Pharmaceutical companies knew of the danger of propofol/diprivan and stayed silent.Patients had accumulation of fluid as a result of it.
    I believe the pharmaceutical companies are responsible for those deaths and propofol was contaminated back then in addition to this drug being dangerous and detrimental to health.
    Conduct more investigation for the sake of the general public because many secondary conditions of propofol/diprivan that pharmaceutical companies implies to be rare do happen a lot after taking this drug.
    diprivan/propofol is a dangerous drug and should not be given to horses, dogs, and people.
    It kills, kills, and kills.