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FDA Panel to Review Essure Birth Control Safety

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Thousands of women across the country are reporting serious side effects associated with Essure birth control. Essure is a birth control device consisting of two metal coils that are placed inside the fallopian tubes to block conception.

The serious side effects reported across the country include severe and/or chronic pain, pierced fallopian tubes, miscarriages and punctured surrounding organs. In some cases, the device became embedded in the uterus or moved into the pelvic area. Multiple surgeries have been required by many woman to resolve the serious issues they’ve experienced.

“The device is a small metal and polyester coil placed into a woman’s fallopian tubes. It is non-surgical and that’s why it’s been so popular” said a report on ABC7 (see the video). “The body reacts to the device by triggering an inflammatory response, this causes scar tissue to form which then prevents anything from entering the fallopian tubes.”

So far, the FDA has received thousands of adverse even reports linked to this birth control device; over 5,000 since approval of the device. The agency has forming a panel that will review the safety of Essure amid reports of adverse events that are not outlined on the products label and the deaths of four women who had been implanted with the device.

The panel is scheduled to meet on September 24, 2015 to review Essure’s safety and effectiveness. The public is welcome to offer feedback. In the meantime our firm will continue monitoring this issue.