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Link Between Estrogen Therapy and Asthma

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A recent large-scale study showed an association between estrogen-only hormone replacement therapy and an increased risk of asthma in post-menopausal women. The research was reported online in Thorax. The research was conducted by Dr. Isabelle Romieu of the National Institute of Public Health in Mexico, and colleagues. According to this research, recent and current users of estrogen had a 54% increase in their risk of developing asthma. The researchers believe that hormone replacement therapy plays a role in developing asthma because of other research suggesting that an estrogen synthesis mechanism is involved in asthma suffered by women and girls. The study was based on bi-annual questionnaires completed by 98,995 French women, detailing their medical history, menopausal status, and various lifestyle characteristics. According to the study, the risk of asthma related to estrogen use was greater in women who had never smoked or who had reported allergic disease before the asthma onset. This particular study did not show an association between combination hormone therapy and an increased asthma incidence.