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Ninth Case of PML With Biogen's Tysabri

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Recently, Biogen Idec Inc. reported a ninth case of the brain infection progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) connected to the drug Tysabri. PML is a potentially deadly infection. Tysabri is a multiple sclerosis drug by Biogen. In 2005, Tysabri was pulled from the market due to reports of PML, but in July 2006 it was reintroduced with restrictions. The recently announced PML case brings the number of cases to nine since the reintroduction in 2006. About 24,900 patients have received at least one year of Biogen’s Tysabri treatment since 2006.

If you have taken Tysabri and developed PML, contact Sheller, P.C. to discuss whether you have a legal claim. The lawyers at Sheller have many years of experience successfully representing people who have been injured by defective drugs.