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Oral Bisphosphonates Linked to Oesophageal Cancer

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A recent article on Therapeutics Daily discusses a study published by the Bristish Medical Journal that concludes that individuals taking oral bisphosphonates for bone disease are at risk for developing oesophageal cancer if they take oral bisphosphonates for a five plus years.

However, the research is limited and there has not been a large scale study published to provide any evidence to the contrary that oral bisphosphonates put bone disease patients at risk after five years. The study showed that patients who were prescribed oral bisphosphonates for a period exceeding five years had nearly double the risk of developing oesophageal cancer, as oppose to patients who were not on bisphosphonate prescriptions.

Dr. Diane Wysowski, an epidemiologist at the Food & Drug Administation (FDA), suggested that doctors weigh the risks and benefits of oral bisphosphonates treatment. In addition, patients taking oral bisphosphonates should consult their physicians immediately if they notice difficulty swallowing or throat, chest, or digestive discomfort.

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