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Possible Increased Fracture Risk With Antidepressant Use In Patients Over 50

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A Canadian research study looking at antidepressants has demonstrated that during five years of follow-up, “people aged 50 and older who took antidepressants, including Zoloft, Prozac and other top-sellers, faced double the risk of broken bones . . . compared with those who didn’t use the drugs.” According to the researchers, animal studies indicate that antidepressants may possibly directly affect bone cells, “decreasing bone strength and size.” These findings are important because of the widespread use of antidepressants and the risks of osteoporosis in older adults. However, the researchers are not suggesting that older adults be advised against taking antidepressants if they need them. Rather, they should be warned of the fracure risk. It is estimated that 7 million U.S. adults 65 or older, suffer from depression, with many being untreated.