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Promotion of High-Dose Laxative Leads to Injuries

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The maker of an oral laxative product faces lawsuits over its promotion of the product. Fleet Phospho-Soda is a laxative made by C. B. Fleet Co., Inc., which is headquarted in Lynchburg, Virginia. Recent lawsuits filed against the company allege that C.B. Fleet promoted a higher dose of its over-the-counter laxative Fleet Phospho-Soda, while knowing that high doses could be fatal. C.B. Fleet promoted the higher dosage as a bowel-cleansing method in preparation for surgical procedures. According to the lawsuit, C.B. Fleet continued advocating the higher dosage despite knowing that a dosage higher than 45 milliliters taken within 24 hours could be fatal, and despite studies indicating that products like Phospho-Soda weren’t safe for routine clinical use. In addition, C.B. Fleet was aware of FDA concerns about kidney failure with the use of products like Phospho-Soda. On December 11, C.B. Fleet recalled all of its Phospho-Soda products after the FDA issued a safety alert stating that such products should not be sold over-the-counter.