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Sales of Neutrospec Suspended

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On December 19, 2005, Palatin Technologies suspended sales, marketing and distribution of Neutrospec, which is a radiolabeled imaging agent used primarily for diagnosing appendicitis. Serious adverse events, including two deaths, have been reported with the use of Neutrospec, which was approved for marketing in July 2004.

After learning of the adverse events from Palatin, and meeting with the company, the FDA determined that the product should not be used on patients, until the relationship between Neutrospec and the adverse events could be more fully investigated. Other means to diagnose appendicitis are available, which do not carry these risks. Health care providers should discontinue using Neutrospec and contact Palatin Technologies regarding the return of their existing stocks.

Sheller, Ludwig and Badey is currently investigating claims regarding injuries from Neutrospec. If you believe that you, or anyone that you know was administered Neutrospec, please contact Sheller, Ludwig and Badey.