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Insulin Pumps Linked to Teen Injuries

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Insulin pumps are the size of a small cell phone and worn on a belt or pocket.  They send insulin into the body through a plastic tube.  Thousands of teenagers with Type 1 diabetes use the pumps.  A review by the FDA finds that use of the pumps can be risky.  Although different injuries have been connected to the pump, malfunctioning was not the only problem.  At times, teens were using the pump improperly.  Type 1 diabetes affects numerous people.  Insulin regulates the blood sugar levels to keep them from getting too high.  Teens enjoy using the pumps versus the traditional injections because they are more discreet.  Parents are advised to monitor their teens to make sure the device is being used properly.  For more information about this story visit http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24456042/