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Mirena IUD Side-Effects

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Sheller, P.C. is investigating potential claims related to the Mirena® IUD, which may cause serious adverse side-effects, including perforation or embedding in the unteran wall.

Manufactured by Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Mirena is a hormonal intrauterin device (inserted into the uterus) that thickens cervical mucus and thins the uteran walls to prevent pregnancy for up to five years.

Some women wh have had Mirena implanted have experienced serious side-effects, including embedding and perforation of the uterus. Both of these complications require surgical removal. Other injuries include adhesions or scarring that can cause infertility.

If you have, or someone you know has, experienced injury or side effects from Mirena, please contact the attorneys of Sheller, P.C. at 888-883-2299, or write us at info@sheller.com.

1 Comment

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  1. Laura says:
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    I am on a few forums and websites, helping women that are experiencing adverse effects from the Mierna. The problems listed above are not the only ones. The most common are the following (as well as the ones above):
    Excessive weight gain
    Complete loss of sex drive
    Back ache
    Neck ache
    Sore joints
    Heart palpitations
    Sinus problems 24/7
    Sore and aching breasts 24/7
    Cysts on ovaries and breasts
    Stabbing abdominal pains
    Hair loss
    Auto immunie disorders (women have reported lupus, MS, Cealiac, RA)
    Brain fog serverly
    Twitching legs and arms
    Breathing problems
    Silicon poisoning (yes, silicon IS released into the system from Mirena and has been proven by many thousands of women have silicone poisoning tests)
    Thyroid problems

    These problems do not automatically become better after removal and women are experience severe “crashes” after removal which are horrible. Some lasting for up to 2 years. Because Mirena produces a fake sinthetic progesterone, your body stops producing it on your own making you estrogen dominant. So when you come off the Mirena it takes some women a very long time to produce progesterone on their own again.

    Doctors are clueless about this device. They are basically sales representatives for Bayer and forcing mirena onto women – IT NEEDS TO BE BANNED.

    This is not a complete list of problems associated with mirena. It is ruining womens lives all over the world and doctors are denying that the mirena is the cause! Some women in their 20s and are going through early menopause because of mirena – something needs to be done immediately.

    I hoope you find this information helpful. Millions of women around the world with the SAME problems on Mirena cannot be all wrong!!!

    Kind regards