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New Cases of Veterans Getting Wrong Cancer Treatment

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In 2008, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania shut down a prostate cancer treatment program that had been running since 2002. The program was shut down after it was discovered that over 90 veterans, out of 114, had been given incorrect dosages of radiation to treat their prostate cancer. Recently, six more cases of botched cancer treatment have been found at the VA hospital in Philadelphia. At issue is a cancer treatment called brachytherapy, which involves implanting radioactive metal seeds. These seeds will kill cancer cells. Most of the veterans who received the incorrect treatment were given less than the prescribed dose. Other veterans received overdoses of radiation, which affected nearby tissue and organs. The Department of Veterans Affairs has forwarded information about the six new cases to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

If you received incorrect radiation treatment for prostate cancer at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Philadelphia, contact Sheller, P.C. to discuss your potential legal rights. We are currently handling cases of veterans who received this botched medical treatment. The Sheller firm has a long history of aggressively fighting for the rights of individuals and classes of individuals who have been injured by improper medical treatment, as well as parmaceuticals, medical devices and other defective products.