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Error In Vitamin D Test at Quest Diagnostics

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Recently, Quest Diagnostics of Madison, NJ, the largest medical lab company in the U.S., acknowledged a problem that resulted in inaccurate vitamin D testing. Thousands of doctors have been notified of potential inaccuracies with vitamin D tests that they had ordered. For patients whose results were questionable, Quest offered free retests. Doctors, hospitals and clinics forward medical samples to Quest for diagnostic tests. During the summer of 2008, Quest noticed some hints of a problem with vitamin D tests at some of its labs. The questionable results spanned testing from 2007-2008, with those questionable vitamin D test results generally being higher than they should have. Vitamin D helps build strong bones, and current research shows a possible link between a vitamin D deficiency and a higher risk of cancer and heart disease. Quest notified its insurer, Aetna, about the test problem on October 8, 2008. Aetna decided that no additional action was required on its part at that time.