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Security Breach Compromised Data at RBS WorldPay

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The RBS WorldPay security breach affected 1.5 million cardholders and their personal information. RBS WorldPay is an electronic payment processing service, based in Atlanta. In addition to processing debit, credit and ATM transactions, RBS WorldPay processes gift card and payroll card transactions. The security breach occurred when an unauthorized user accessed the computer system. As a result of the security breach, personal information, such as addresses, names and Social Security numbers, may have been compromised. One hundred instances of actual fraud have happened since the breach was discovered on November 10. Situations such as this have the potential for sparking a class action lawsuit. According to RBS WorldPay, it has notified the cardholders affected by this security breach, and is working with law enforcement to investigate the breach.

The law firm of Sheller, P.C. is currently investigating a possible class action lawsuit regarding the RBS WorldPay security breach. Anyone who has been notified of this breach by RBS WorldPay should contact Sheller, P.C. We have a team of experienced trial lawyers who specialize in class action and mass tort litigation. Our lawyers represent plaintiffs in class action and individual litigation in a variety of matters, ranging from consumer fraud and protection to defective drugs.