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Sheller, P.C. Successfully Represents Whistleblowers

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In the past fifteen months, Sheller, P.C. has served as counsel for three whistleblowers who have assisted DOJ in bringing and settling three pharmaceutical whistleblower cases with a recovery of more than $4.2 billion. Sheller, P.C. is recovering money for federal and state government agencies, and is also preventing harm to others and potentially even saving the lives of consumers and patients who could be at risk by taking unsafe drugs.

Case after case, whistleblowers approach Sheller, P.C. because they trust us to treat them confidentially and give them peace of mind while protecting their careers and their reputations. For these reasons, it has come as no surprise that Sheller, P.C. was involved in the three largest pharmaceutical qui tam False Claims Act settlements in United States history.

If you have knowledge of wrongdoing in your company, contact Sheller, P.C.