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Dangerous Snowthrower Tires

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As the temperatures start to drop, engaging in routine maintenance of snow blower tires could be like playing with a live grenade in your garage.
In 2006, MTD Products, Inc. recalled a series of 130,000 snow blowers with wheel rims that were made from a weak plastic composite that explodes easily when the tires are filled with air. The plastic fragments spread like shrapnel, causing broken bones and lacerations, among other serious injuries.
This tire rim exploded after inflation. The plastic shrapnel fractured the thumb of a bystander so severely it required surgery and pinning to repair.
Even though 8 years have passed since the 2006 recall, snow blowers with dangerous tires lurk in garages, work sheds, and basements across the country. Each year, we learn that more people are suffering from injuries from tires blowing up like bombs.
The snow blowers were sold at Home Depot and Sears (under the Craftsman logo) and many other local hardware stores. I you or a loved one has been injured contact Jamie Sheller 1800 883 2299