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Recently, three people in Delaware hospitals suffered cerebral hemorrhages after being given heparin supplied by Baxter Healthcare Corp.. Two of the patients died and one remained hospitalized. The deaths are being investigated by the FDA. Last year there was a recall of heparin from Baxter. Baxter is based in Deerfield, Il. It not certain yet, but company officials believe that the bulk materials used in the heparin involved in these recent cases, came from North America, unlike the bulk materials in the tainted heparin from last year’s recall, which came from China. The material used to make heparin is laregly derived from pig intestines, which is why China is a large supplier, as a major pork producer. While Delaware hospital officials are not blaming heparin, they have indicated that heparin is the only common link that they have been able to pinpoint. A contaminant found in the heparin recalled in 2008, has not been found in the heparin used by the three Delaware patients.

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