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It almost seems unimaginable that a company would risk the lives of many innocent people to simply save a buck and cut costs. But now that has become the focus of the Heparin Recall. The synthetic ingredient that was added to the heparin cost approximately $9 per pound. Compared to the authentic ingredient that cost nearly $900 per pound. Although the synthetic version can be made to look just like the authentic, its missing the actual active component that helps save lives. In this case, it caused various allergic reactions, including death. Who’s to blame for this catastrophe? US citizens blame the FDA for not effectively regulating the foreign companies that supplied the ingredients for the Heparin. The FDA blames Baxter Company for not inspecting its supplier more often. Whether its the FDA, Baxter, or their supplier is irrelevant to the ones whose lives have been harmed or worse yet lost by something that was preventable. Most importantly, someone should be held accountable for allowing this tragedy to occur. For more information on this topic, visit If you or a loved one have suffered an injury from Heparin, you owe it to yourself to consult an attorney to discuss your legal rights.

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